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We help New Zealand businesses grow through effective organic search.

Helping New Zealand businesses grow through effective organic search
An organic SEO approach that moves the needle

Organic Search – Done Differently

Organik Search was created to help New Zealand businesses grow faster by delivering more visitors, leads and sales from Google.

To do that we take a different approach to what you may be used to in New Zealand. Not different for the sake of it, but different because 15 years of experience has shown that there is a better way to deliver outstanding results from organic search. A more holistic approach that has proven to move the needle. Time and time again.

Different to how it’s been done before.
Different for each business.
Delivering the difference in results.

Internationally experienced team

The team behind Organik Search has delivered results for some of New Zealand’s most trusted brands; IAG, State Insurance, AMI Insurance, Air New Zealand, Covermore, Wilderness, Umbrellar. We’ve also worked with international brands like DirectLine, The Body Shop, Virgin and Gumtree, to name a few.

That experience allows us to create bespoke solutions for every business we work with, using a tailored blend of traditional SEO, content, amplification and conversion rate optimisation. You won’t find cookie-cutter solutions here. We know that well executed organic search campaigns can provide the highest long-term return on investment compared to most other forms of marketing.

Brendan Wilde

Our vision is simple. To be the most effective organic search agency in New Zealand.

About our Founder

Following a career in above the line TV and print advertising, Brendan Wilde turned to the internet.

“After watching brands consistently pour significant budgets and resource into maintaining a media presence as customers came into and out of a buying cycle, I was captivated with the early days of search marketing. Being able to maximise ROI by selectively targeting high intent customers. Customers actually searching for products, services and information. The journey started from there…”

Brendan spent 10 years in the UK playing a fundamental role in the launch of two Search Engine Optimisation agencies. Working with SME’s, ecommerce platforms and blue chip brands including Direct Line, Virgin, Baker Tilly, The Body Shop, he quickly built a reputation as a thought leader in integrating SEO, Content and Social Media. When Google Plus was launched he built one of the 20 most influential G+ profiles in the UK and a Twitter following of over 1.5m.

In 2018 Brendan Founded Synapse Search, an SEO agency working with clients including IAG, State Insurance, AMI insurance, Covermore, Wilderness, Okana and Umbrellar. In 2021 Synapse Search (as part of the Freeparking Group) was acquired by Dreamscape Networks.

The next step on the journey was founding Organik Search. Brendan’s passion is helping businesses realise the potential that organic search offers for business growth.

“Brendan has been a fundamental part in setting us up to dominate the organic search landscape in the mortgage category. Results to date have been unprecedented for a brand new website.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have Organik Search as an integral part of the team.”

Marcus Phillips | CEO Mortgages.co.nz

“I’ve worked with Brendan on numerous projects for the last 6 years. He has consistently produced outstanding results for every project we have worked together on.

This is why we turned to Organik Search for our newest business venture, Afirmo.”

Robert Rolls | CEO Afirmo

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