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Search Engine Optimisation

Get found by customers searching for your products, services or business online.

Search Engine Optimisation
Connect with customers actively searching

Connect with customers actively searching…

Search Engine Optimisation connects you with customers actively searching for your products and services online. If your website is not at the top of Google, your competitors will be.

We make sure potential customers find you.

Our data-led, integrated approach enables us to focus on opportunities we know you can win. And results that will generate business.

Connecting to the right customers means:

Increase of traffic to your website

Increased traffic to your website

Effective search engine optimisation allows you to target customers at various stages of the buyer journey; from awareness right through to consideration and ultimately conversion.

Generating more leads and sales

Generating more leads and sales

Connecting the right customers with the right information, product or offer,  based on their keyword search or enquiry drives sales, leads and conversions.

Exceptionalreturn of investment

Exceptional return on investment

Well executed search engine optimisation, coupled with crafted content and expert amplification, can provide the highest long term return on investment.

We take a data-led, tailored approach to SEO, keeping your business above the fold.

Generate revenue, not just green arrows and traffic

Organik Search was born out of a frustration with seeing New Zealand SEO agencies failing to have an impact on their clients bottom line.

Green arrows, positive movement, keyword rankings and organic traffic are only of value if they drive customer actions, sales and ultimately revenue.

Our data-led, tailored approach to search engine optimisation has consistently proven to deliver results – well ahead of industry norms.

The Organik SEO Framework.

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We help New Zealand businesses reach new heights online

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Google’s algorithms, SEO and the broader organic search landscape evolve rapidly. Keep up to date with the latest trends, tips and techniques to stay ahead of your competitors.

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