Different because there’s a better way.

A more holistic approach that has proven to consistently move the needle. Delivering better results – well ahead of market norms.

An organic SEO approach that moves the needle
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Your business

Our international approach combined with 15 years of experience enables us to create a bespoke solution for your business – and your business only.

A tailored blend that combines traditional SEO with content, amplification and conversion rate optimisation. A blend that’s proven to deliver superior results. Again – and again.

Different to how it’s been done before.
Different for each business.
Delivering the difference in results.

The Organik manifesto

Every business is different. And every business requires a unique approach.

We start by understanding your business and competitors in depth (through a thorough needs analysis and competitive research). We then create a unique strategic plan to drive business growth, no cookie-cutter solutions.

Your unique combination of business stage, needs, market,  competitors and growth targets mean that you need a considered and tailored blend of tactics and techniques to move the needle.

We are one hundred percent focussed on helping you grow faster; your business success is our business success.

No scattergun style, hit and hope, no throwing money at lots of words and hoping some of it will stick.

We often hear clients say they have tried search engine optimisation and not had any success. That’s because a random and generic approach does not work.

We think harder and go deeper into your world. Using tools that look at the search volume for the keywords that matter to your business, we might look through thousands of words you could compete on and work out which terms you should compete on to win (you need to be in top 3 of organic rankings for it to have any value). And we tell you which terms won’t work, there is no value in being below the fold.

Digital marketing should be about aiming right, connecting with the customers who want what you can deliver best.

We use a mix of ingredients (tactics and tools) that are right for your business to help reach your goals. In our lab there is a bit of alchemy to bring together the right elements and integrate them successfully. There is likely some traditional SEO, a bit of content and social marketing, and / or a sprinkling of SEM, amongst other things. But it’s the unique way that we put them together for you, that delivers better results.

SEO has a bad name in NZ, at Organik we’d like to change that.

We don’t just follow a formula and throw (your) money at your problem. We think hard and deliver quality over quantity. We’re honest, we won’t recommend approaches that aren’t going to work. We’d like you to trust us to get you results so we can work together over time and keep delivering better growth for your business.

SEO is a long term game but if you’re patient it will have a higher ROI than other forms of marketing.

Because we identify opportunities that we know you can win, we deliver, so you get the ROI you are looking for. In fact we’re so confident our tried and tested way works, we won’t lock you into a long term contract. We know we’ll at least move the needle in 3 months, and you can expect significant changes in 6-12, but you can leave at any point if you want. We’re confident you won’t want to.

Simply put, the difference with Organik is that our targeted and tailored approach is great value because while not the cheapest in the market, it guarantees a high return on investment. Spending money to make more money.

Our approach hasn’t been done much in NZ yet. Our team has global expertise, Brendan was part of a fast growing organic search agency in the UK several years ago and brings that knowledge to Organik NZ. Offshore the term organic search means better and more considered ‘natural’, search. Or in our opinion, search done right. This experience and IP gives us a secret sauce. As Jane Doe from xx put it,  ‘no-one has ever done things this way for our business, it’s unique and it works’. 

Let us come and see you and tell you about what our magic approach can do for your business.

How we work together

Our sprint methodology

Only commit to the work you need to grow…

Our sprint methodology allows us to tailor a programme of works based on your current situation, growth targets, competitor and search landscape.

We batch work into “sprints”, allowing our clients to commit to the work they need. No more.

Sprint 1 – Baseline

A deep technical audit to uncover and correct anything standing in your way.

  • Google Analytics Review

  • Search Console Review

  • Website Audit

  • Full SEO Roadmap

Sprint 2 – Foundational

Focussing effort on the right keywords, the right pages and the right positioning.

  • Target Pages Selection

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • On Page Optimisation

Sprint 3 – Growth

Focussing effort on the right keywords, the right pages and the right positioning.

  • Keyword Gap Analysis

  • Content Topic Ideation

  • Detailed Content Briefs

  • Content Production

Sprint 4 – Promotional

Focussing effort on the right keywords, the right pages and the right positioning.

  • Link Audit

  • Link Acquisition

  • Content Promotion

  • Content Amplification

Have your search done differently.